Friday, October 03, 2014

Mini-Review of "Eastern Europe" by Tomek Jankowski - A "Must Read" For Anyone Interested In This Part Of The World

I cannot say enough about this book, and how much I learned as I made my way through its pages full of facts and anecdotes.  Tomek Jankowski speaks from his own personal experience as a Pole now transplanted to New Hampshire.

I have spent considerable time in Central and Eastern Europe - Poland, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Croatia.  Mr. Jankowski's comprehensive overview of the history of these lands helped to put into a much clearer perspective the things that I experienced while visiting and traveling through this intriguing part of the world.

I would call "Eastern Europe" the least boring history book I have read, because the author intersperses exposition of facts with fascinating short anecdotes that he calls "USELESS TRIVIA." These boxed vignettes are far from trivial, for they illuminate with a personal touch the broader historical events that are being described and explained.

This book is useful for anyone planning travel to Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to those who call this part of the world their home.



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