Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Review of "Grow On Purpose: The Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth" by Doug Autenrieth

I typically have a strong aversion to "Self Help" books.  I find them either simplistic, formulaic, too "New Age" for my sensibilities, or just plain not helpful.  So for me to give this little gem of a book a top rating says a great deal about Doug Autenrieth's ability lay out his Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth in a manner that is simple without being simplistic - practical and profound without being preachy.

As I read "Grow On Purpose: The Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth," I found myself pausing at several points along the way to take inventory of where I am in developing in each of these nine areas.  It is my habit, once I have finished a book I have enjoyed, to pass it along to someone I think may appreciate it.  In this case, I need to keep this little volume so that I can return to it often, taking sips from it to refresh my mind and spirit. I will buy several additional copies that I can give away.

Drawing from his experience as a Marine officer, a World Champion Tai Chi Practitioner and teacher, an Executive Coach and a life-long learner, Mr. Autenrieth shares very doable steps, questions and opportunities for personal reflection in each of the Nine Disciplines he outlines.

I have already recommended the book to several friends and proteges, including a professional ballet dancer and a Special Forces soldier about to re-deploy to Afghanistan.  Any book that can touch individuals in these widely disparate worlds - to help one to dance more confidently in toe shoes and another to lead better in combat boots - is a book full of wisdom.  So whatever shoes you are wearing, this is a book that will help you to step up your game.



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