Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review of "The Language of Angels" by Naomi Iizuka - Happy Medium Theatre Sings A Haunting Swan Song To the Factory Theatre

The current show at The Factory Theatre is "Language of Angels" by Naomi Iizuka, presented by the Happy Medium Theatre Company.  The choice of this particular play is doubly relevant to this time.  In keeping with the spirit of the Halloween season, it is a hauntingly macabre dive into some deep caves of the subconscious and of disturbing memories surrounding the inexplicable disappearance of a teenage girl.  At another level, the play serves as a metaphor for the immanent closing of the Factory Theatre as a performance space, so the ghosts that inhabit the show also serve to highlight the fact that the ghosts of countless past performances hang in the air in this performance space as a miasma.

"Language of Angels" is beautifully staged by Lizette M. Morris as Director and Scenic Designer.  The lighting design of Greg Jutkiewiz is spectacularly effective, with subtle shifts in mood and dramatic arc being signaled by nuanced lighting effects that were mesmerizing.

The ensemble cast did what the name implies: they cast a spell over the space and over the audience.

Worthy of particular mention in this excellent cast are:

  • Nick Miller as Seth
  • Alexis Scheer as Celie, the girl whose sudden disappearance is the keystone of the story
  • Jackie Theoharis as Kendra
  • Mike Budway as JB
  • David D'andrea as Michael/Tommy
  • Michelle Rubich as Allison
  • Lesley Anne Moreau as Danielle
  • Matthew Fagerberg as Billy.  I had not seen Mr. Fagerberg perform before.  There is enough of a hint of James Dean in his acting that makes him worthy of watching closely as he takes his place as a regular on Boston stages.
"Language of Angels"
Presented by
Happy Medium Theatre

Characters in the play laid to rest
in the performance space of
The Factory Theatre
that is being laid to rest!


You have multiple reasons to head to the South End to take in one of the final performances of "Language of Angels" and of the Factory Theatre as a performance space.  The play runs through November 1, so get your tickets now to see a memorable show by an award-winning theatre company.

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