Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Attention Red Sox Nation: DO NOT PANIC!!

Some citizens of Red Sox Nation are in full panic mode today in the wake of the sudden departure of fan-favorite "Idiot" Johnny Damon. Jim Caple has an interesting perspective in today's Page 2 on (see link below)

I tend to agree with Caple's take on things. Dan Shaughnessy also weighs in with a column in today's Boston Globe. I strongly disagree with Dan's perspective.

For my money, this is a thinly-veiled attempt on the part of Shaughnessy to prove that he is not in Larry Lucchino's back pocket. By criticizing the Red Sox front office handling of the Damon negotiations, he hopes to reposition himself as a neutral observer of the Red Sox scene, rather than as an agent provocateur! Dan took a lot of heat for being the channel through which Lucchino/Dr. Charles Steinberg allegedly leaked damaging information about Theo - the straw that ultimately broke the camel's back with Theo.

What Shaugnessy seems to be missing in this present situation is a fact that seems obvious to this observer: that the Red Sox have learned well the lesson taught them by the Patriots. You set a specific monetary value for each position and each player, and refuse to move beyond that determined figure. Clearly, the Red Sox brain trust (and Theo is still being consulted on these matters, according to an "inside source close to the negotiations" with whom I spoke in the past few weeks) determined that the Center Field position and Damon were worth $10 million a year for four years - and no more.

The hot stove league is still in session and the Red Sox brass are still wheeling and dealing. It will be fun to see how they will fill the holes that still exist in the line-up for Opening Day. The holes in Damon's head will remain unfilled for the foreseeable future.

Go Sox!


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Anonymous said...

HOORAY !!..the baseball world is getting back into order as it should be.

The current REDSOX mindset has returned their fan base back to it's righful place of wringing of hands and wondering when they will ever win the series again. Their bullpen and now their outfield will deliver a powerful squad worthy of a mid division finish.

Not to worry, just remember the happy days of summer when the Sox's lost, alot, and you were all still happy! took a backseat to other family and community issues. Go ahead and root for the Sox's and dream of better days to come, just don't place too much faith in their leadership. Remember the days of Ted Turner trying to guide the Braves from the dugout. Now look!!

Better days are coming!!

Loyal Braves Fan.