Sunday, December 25, 2005

Words Of Thanks From Kevin Stacy In Iraq - The Boxes Have Arrived

In the last few hours before I head to the airport for my flight to Europe and a visit with two of my sons and my grandchildren, I decided to stop by the office and check e-mail. Among the messages that was sent on Christmas Eve was an e-mail from Kevin Stacy, expressing his wonder at the flood of boxes that have arrived. I am pleased to share with you this Christmas morning the relevant portions of Kevin’s letter:

* * * * *

Thought I would drop you a note to thank you for the absolutely amazing response I have received from your Holiday Care Packages on the Blog. I typically do not expect much from back home. Not that I don't have hope, but that these are busy times and we seldom stop to pause and remember what still possesses quality in life. Times on the soldiers are draining and often moments of gut check. With less than 60 days left in theater, and the holidays approaching, family and the distance become the focus in down time. We are remaining vigilant, and despite the shrinking time, we remain committed in ongoing investments in undermining and defeating the insurgency in our area of operations.

With that, you can imagine the impact of dozens of packages supporting the troops can have on young soldiers away from home. I was absolutely shocked to see all of them literally pouring in to the office! I had spoken with a couple of troops who found me later and thanked me for your efforts. Everyone was interested in the people who sent these surprises. I wish I had more to offer.

The selfless service and contribution to those who have no ulterior interests truly says something about the circle of people that surround you. I am privileged to be one of them.If you have the opportunity, please extend my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to those who have offered a piece of themselves to support those who support them. These kids fight every day and never ask for anything in return. Truly, a remarkable time in our lifetimes-when we stay the course amidst continual pressures to withdraw and appease the non-believers. The small moment of honoring Dennis. that is what it is all about.

Anyways-I just thought I would touch base. I know you are out of town traveling the world. I hope you have a wonderful couple of weeks and enjoy the time you spend with your sons. Thank you for the personal gift-it will all go to great use (great selection of music. Tiesto!) I was very impressed.



* * * * *

On behalf of Kevin and the troops who are enjoying a brighter Christmas today because of your sharing – thank you and God Bless!


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