Monday, June 06, 2005

CareerJournal | Defining the Duties Of the American CEO

"In any organization, regardless of its mission, the CEO is the link between the Inside, i.e., 'the organization,' and the Outside -- society, the economy, technology, markets, customers, the media, public opinion. Inside, there are only costs. Results are only on the outside. Indeed the modern organization (beginning with the Jesuit Order in 1536) was expressly created to have results on the outside, that is, to make a difference in its society or its economy."

With these intriguing words, Peter Drucker, doyen of American Mangement theorists and writers, introduces his column of the duties of CEO's in the Wall Street Journal's "Career Journal." Enough of the readers of this Blog are CEO's, or are closely associated with CEO's, that I thought it worthwhile to share these thoughts from Drucker's column.

Al Chase

CareerJournal Defining the Duties Of the American CEO

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