Friday, June 03, 2005

Talent Alert - Boston Area Sales Opportunity

I have a new client company on the Rte. 128 perimeter north of Boston that is facing the challenge of transforming itself from a traditional organization that has sold products to a variety of industries. In the "new economy," this company really needs to master the art of a consultative approach to solution sales in a B2B context. The present sales staff is unable to make the transition from selling pure product, so they have retained me to help find new talent with a new mindset.

This could be a tremendous opportunity for someone with a few years of success under his/her belt in solutions sales - a real hunter and deal closer. In the next several years, the plan is to grow annual sales from the present $4 million to a projected $16 million. The right sales executive could drive that process and drive their career through the roof. The current President is looking for someone who not only knows sales, but who can also help him to think strategically about business development, channels, strategic alliances and new markets.

Please let me know if you know of individuals who might be a fit for this opportunity. Like most sales positions, the base is adequate, but not spectacular, but the total compensation package will be competitive.



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