Monday, June 06, 2005

Introducing Jesse Kornbluth and Head Butler

I have recently met a fascinating individual whom I am sure will become a treasured friend. Jonathan Meath and I became connected on LinkedIn and eventually met over some comestibles at Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. Jonathan has a rich background in media, broadcast, film - and has produced shows that you have probably seen - for PBS, Jim Henson, Nickolodeon, etc.

One of the by-products of my early conversations with Jonathan was his sharing with me the Link I am now passing on to you. Headbutler is the work of Jesse Kornbluth, who was one of Jonathan's Meath's professors at NYU - Tisch School of the Arts.

Here's what Jesse tells his readers they can expect from Head Butler:

--- Most days Butler will share a favorite from the best of the new or from the backlist: books he's read (and re-read), music that stays in the rotation for him, movies he can watch again and again.
--- gift recommendations for any occasion for even the hard-to-please.
--- a mini-essay, a link to someone else's smart commentary or unusual product, and more.

I have already returned frequently to sample the reviews of some of Jesse's favorite books, films and music. Today's offering about Faulkner and Oprah's Book Club is a fitting introduction to this wonderful resource.

The Butler did it!


Al Chase

Head Butler

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