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A New Resource For Those Traveling to Haiti - The Guest House in Petionville

If you have spent any time visiting in Haiti, you know that the accommodations for visitors range from the hideously expensive on the one extreme to the barely habitable on the other end. Choices that are safe, clean, comfortable, affordable and with easy access to the airport are few and far between.  Into this void has stepped my friend, Pastor Louighins Jean of Petionville. 

So, I want to make you aware of this wonderful new resource for those traveling in groups to Haiti.  My good friend, whom many of you have met, Pasteur Louighins Jean of Evangelical Baptist Church of Meyotte has opened a stunningly beautiful new guest house in Petionville.

Please take the time to check out these photos.  It is more gracious than most of the places where many of us have stayed, and the financial arrangements outlined below seem very reasonable.

Here is a quick testimonial from our friend , Jaresiah Derosiers of  Plymouth, Massachusetts, who has stayed at this facility.

“This June while in Port Au Prince I stay with a pastor by the name of Jean Louighins. He has a beautiful guesthouse about 30 mins from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in an private residential area call Vivi Michel.

My time spent in Louighins' guesthouse was beyond enjoyable and because of this I have decided to share my experience. If you have ever travelled to Haiti you will certainly value the quality Louighins' guesthouse offers. If you are traveling to Haiti and would like a comfortable, clean, and quiet place to stay while in PAP, Pastor Loughins' guesthouse will certainly do. 

They food was great and they also offer transportation to and from the airport as well as chauffeurs if needed during your stay.

Let me describe the amenities:

  • The architecture of the guest house is impressive. It was built about a year after the 2010 earthquake in accordance with "earthquake-resistant" structural specifications. The property is enclosed by what my estimates say is a twelve foot high wall. The exterior feeling of the four, two story homes on the property is one of a European retreat. There's a large courtyard which is paved with stone, and planted with local flowers and banana trees. 

  • The interior is more modest than the large scale entrance, but it is certainly elegant in its own regard. The floors are tiled, windows screened, and bed's are comfortable. The simple amenities such as electricity, treated running water that you can brush your teeth with, wifi if needed, cold drinks and refrigeration, bureaus and closets, provided bedding and towels, full-size mirrors and locking doors are all things you can expect to find at Louighins guesthouse.

  • The bathrooms were all extremely clean and came fully loaded with a flush toilet, sink, and shower that always worked.

All of this to say, I have nothing but wonderful things to share about the facility and the Pastor. Pastor Louighins has a personality that walks with the Spirit of fraternity and love. Some things you will notice about Loughins when you meet him is his joy, honesty, and intelligence. Pastor Louighins is a self-made Haitian success and entrepreneur, who give all of the glory to God. 

My stay with Loughins was truly a delightful experience! Feel free to contact him if you have any questions (English, French, or Kreyol)”

Here are some details for those who would like to consider using this facility when you travel to Haiti.  If you are traveling well beyond Port-au-Prince, this would be a great place to spend your first night in Haiti before heading to Cap Haitien , Jacmel, Cayes or Jeremie.

If you anticipate traveling as part of a group, be aware that this facility can house up to 36 persons at one time.

Cotedih Haiti Guest House
Address: 12, Vivy Mitchell, Route de Frères, Pétion-Ville, Haiti
Region: The Caribbean> Haiti> Ouest Department> Port-au-Prince

1. Two meals a day
2. Housing
3. Free Internet
4. Free parking
5. Transport from the airport to the Guest House
6. Business center
7. Sale of products of Haiti

Price Range:
$ 10 per person for round trip from airport to Guest house
$ 55 per day per person, taxes included

NB: It is 25 or 30 minutes from the airport and in a safe place

: Louighins Jean
Tel: (509) 3673-8319

Manager: Hazer Pierre
Tel : (509) 3888-9139




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