Friday, October 11, 2013

Talent Search - NYC Based Opportunity for Senior Engineer/Architect - Distributed Web Experience

Please forward this job description to anyone in your network who may be both qualified and interested.

Our client is an elite team of scientists and engineers with significant experience in cyber defense and security, across a spectrum of enterprises from national defense projects to digital bank robbery.

They are looking for a senior level full stack engineer/architect.

Here is a brief job description

We are looking for senior application engineers with skills in node.js and NoSQL databases. We are a funded tech startup that specializes in providing internet security for ad tech.

Our node/mongodb application processes a large amount of data daily. Experience with fast and scalable/distributed systems is a must, as well as experience with NoSQL unstructured datasets.
·         Mid to expert level in node.js (or equivalent language)
·         Javascript ninja level (or equivalent language)
·         Mongodb/NoSQL
·         Exposure to queuing & pub/sub systems (Redis, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, etc.)
·         Advanced understanding of web application space (HTTP, SSL, scalable web architectures, RDBMS and NoSQL systems, security)
·         Advanced understanding of scalable application design and data modeling
·         Experience with multiple programming languages and web application frameworks

The ideal candidate will bring the following sort of experience:
Someone who has architected a distributed web scale system that processes a high volume of web transactions (i.e. Twitter, Google, any ad tech company, etc.  The job description calls for node.js programming expertise, but equivalent language experience at the distributed web scale level is acceptable.  If you are someone who has done it at scale in one language, we assume that you can easily pick up any other language that is needed.
Compensation competitive and based on level of experience
This position is based in NYC.

Qualified and interested candidate, send MS-Word version of resume and detailed cover letter to Dr.  Al Chase:

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