Thursday, October 31, 2013

Closing The Loop - Red Sox Victory Brings Healing: Boston Strong!

Last evening, in the moments just before the Boston Red Sox secured their franchise's eighth World Series title, I sent the following message to my FaceBook friends:

"Closing The Loop: I made a deliberate choice to watch the 9th inning at Boloco on Boylston Street. It is the place where I watched the TV coverage of the Marathon bombing. It is equidistant between Fenway Park and the Marathon Finish Line."

Once I had seen Big Papi receive the MVP trophy in honor of his historic performance in the 2013 World Series, I felt a compunction to head to the Boston Marathon Finish Line a few blocks away.  I was one of thousands who felt that same draw.  When I arrived at the spot in front of the Boston Public Library, I found this iconic image.  Someone had carefulyl laid a Red Sox jersey atop the Boston Marathon logo at the Finish Line.  How apropos!  The Red Sox this year - as individuals and as a team- have been a significant part of the healing of the city from the events of the Marathon bombings.  The two athletic events have long been tied together on Patriots Day.  They are even more tightly entwined now.

This was far more than a victory for a baseball team.  This was the apotheosis our our deepening our ties to one another as a community.

Go Sox!

Boston Strong!



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Mark said...

As always, very well said, Al.

I thought of you often during the game, knowing The Rhino was there.

I think the disheveled look of the team adds to the analogy.

If you would allow me to explain...

We don't find our strength by appearing to have it all together with the perfect hairdo, perfectly-trimmed beards, looking great on the outside.

The Scriptures say, "[God] gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless" (Isaiah 40:29).

How comforting to know that our strength comes from the God who used an inarticulate shepherd to conquer Pharaoh, a young lad with a small amount of bread and fish to feed thousands, and a group of guys who can't find the razor aisle at Walmart to lift the spirits of a city hurt by terrorism!