Thursday, October 03, 2013

Red Sox and Boston Come Full Circle - Let The Playoffs Begin

Photo by Matt Stone, Boston Herald

Anyone who knows me understands that my mind is geared to think in images and metaphors.  When I saw this picture just now, I knew I had to share it and the thoughts it engendered.

A few weeks ago - before any of us knew for sure that the Red Sox would clinch a post-season berth, I wrote a Blog piece: "A Quick Shout Out To This Resilient Team . . "  I am astounded at how many people continue to find and read this piece - even a month after its initial posting.

Clearly, this year's edition of the Boston Red Sox have captured the hearts of Red Sox fans and Bostonians of all stripes in a way that stands in stark contradistinction to the very unlovable 2011 and 2012 "chicken and beer" ball clubs of Josh Beckett, Bobby Valentine and their ilk.

In  a recent interview, Manager John Farrell was asked if any particular moment in the long season stands out for him as one that would define this team. He said that there were many special moments in a season that saw the Red Sox achieve the best record in the American League and tie the Cardinals for the best record in the Major Leagues.  But the one moment that stood out for him was the moment in which the team stood on the field in Cleveland for a moment of silence the day after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  The team's subsequent response in taking part in the healing that needed to occur to our civic psyche will stand as an important part of the legacy of the 2013 Boston Red Sox.  Individual players have reached out to victims - visiting in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  The organization has honored   numerous victims and first responders before games many times in the months that have passed since that Patriots' Day.  So, it is altogether fitting and proper that the members of the team should form a circle for stretching right next to the "B Strong" circle that had been sculpted into the lush greensward of the Fenway outfield.  The joy of watching them come full circle - from World Series Champs in 2004 and 2007 - to last place disappointments in 2012 - to "The Beasts of the AL East" in 2013 - has been enacted in parallel with our city regaining its footing after being shaken by the terrorist attacks in April.

Big Papi: "This Is Our F**king City!"

Our strong rivals and excellent ballplayers - the Tampa Bay Rays - roll into town today and will take the field against the hometown team on Friday afternoon to kick off the American League Divisional Series. Let the healing continue, and let the games begin!

Go Sox!



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