Thursday, October 03, 2013

Review of "The Speaking Story" by Ben Faw and Michelle Chen - Dedicated to Children with Speech Related Challenges

My friend, Ben Faw, is a second year MBA student at Harvard Business School.  Earlier this year, he and a team of five of his HBS colleagues formed a "company," called Inspired Reading with the following mission: "To inspire and motivate children with common childhood disorders and developmental challenges through the use of creative content and social media."

This book is the first step in fulfilling that mission.

Ben is a West Point graduate, Army Ranger and former Aide-to-Camp in support of a general officer.  He also suffered from a speech disorder as a child.  Despite his successes as an adult, Ben has not forgotten the pain of being a childhood stutterer, and has chosen to make himself vulnerable and to tell his own story in this  children's book, "The Speaking Story."  In partnership with his co-author, Michelle Chen, Ben tells of his frustrations in learning to expresses himself verbally like other children.  He tells of those who made fun of him, and how that felt.  He also tells of those who helped and supported him, and how they accomplished that feat of being an advocate.

This gem of a book "speaks" for those who cannot yet speak clearly for themselves and is dedicated to: "children with speech related challenges and those who inspire and encourage them."

Who do you know who would appreciate receiving this book as a gift?  Giving them that gift will speak loudly and clearly of your love and support.

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