Friday, August 04, 2017

"A Walk With Purpose" by Michael D. Becker - A Pharmaceutical Executive Shares His Own Journey With Cancer

"A Walk With Purpose" is a moving memoir that parallels two journeys taken by author Michael D. Becker. The first journey is the one he has taken as a senior executive with pharmaceuticals, striving to improve treatment for several forms of cancer. The second journey is his personal battle with his own diagnosis of cancer, that eventually saw him as a user of the very products he had helped to develop.

Along the way, Mr. Becker shares intimate details of his life as a top industry executive, husband, father, and cancer patient. He invites us to laugh with him at some of life's absurdities, and to cry with him over the sobering reality of impending death. This is a book that will serve as an inspiration to anyone facing cancer, family members of patients, medical professionals, and research scientists dedicated to eradicating this haunting network of diseases.



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