Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"Only Love Is Real" by Brian Weiss, M.D. - A Story of Soulmates Reunited

Reading "Only Love Is Real" was a challenging and provocative exercise for me. Dr. Brian Weiss and his description of past life regression therapy flies in the face of my traditional conservative Christian heritage, so I had to be open to considering new ideas that I may have previously discarded. The fact that my friend, Josh, whom I respect deeply, had sent me the book made me willing to open my mind as I opened the pages of this fascinating account of Dr. Weiss and his practice.

I was impressed by the fact that a trained psychiatrist, well respected in his field, would put his reputation on the line by following his patients' requests that he lead them through an examination of past life memories under hypnosis. This book focuses primarily on the cases of two patients, Elizabeth and Pedro, neither of whom was familiar with the other, yet who shared remarkably similar stories of their past. I was fascinated with how Dr. Weiss chose to handle an ethical hot potato. If these two had been connected in past lives, should they not be made aware of one another in this life? Yet, as a physician, he was pledged to maintain confidentiality. He came up with a creative solution to ensure that they would interact in some manner.

In the midst of recounting some fascinating memories revealed under hypnosis on the part of his patients, Dr. Weiss also interjects his own philosophical musings about the nature of relationships and love and healing. This quotation lies at the heart of his message:

"Reach out with love and compassion, and do not worry so much about outcomes. Do not attempt to end your life before its natural time. A higher wisdom deals with outcomes and knows the time for all things. Free will and destiny coexist. Do not measure healing by physical results,  Healing occurs at many levels, not just the physical, and real healing must occur at the heart level.  Somehow I would learn about healing the hearts of men. Most of all: Love one another. Timeless wisdom, easily grasped but practiced by only a few." (Page 134)

Just as patients Elizabeth and Pedro would able to find connection through the work that Dr. Weiss put them through, so we can find hope and connection by embracing the message of this book.



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