Monday, August 14, 2017

"Found" by Harlan Coben - Book 3 in the Mickey Bolitar Series

Reading Harlan Coben novels is a guilty pleasure for me. I love his Myron Bolitar series. The concept of a former Celtics player turned sports agent turned detective is intriguing to me. The subsidiary series featuring Myron's disaffected nephew, Mickey, is equally engaging. This book, "Found," is the third in a series about Mickey's adventures and misadventures helping to rescue lost or abducted children and teenagers. Uncle Myron plays a role, as do Mickey's colorful partners in crime, Ema, Rachel, and Spoon.

I love the fact the Mr. Coben uses these nail biting tales to address relevant social issues. In this case, bullying, the hazards of online dating, hazing by sports teams, and abuse of steroids are all treated in depth. While Mickey is busy trying to find several lost souls, he finds himself while discovering a shocking secret about the death of his father, and the subsequent breakdown of his mother. It is a fast-paced and ultimately emotionally moving tale of a young man who will not give up on himself or on those he cares for.



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