Thursday, August 03, 2017

"Performance Partnerships" by Robert Glazer - The Checkered Past, Changing Present, & Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing

Author Robert Glazer has done an outstanding job in clearly explaining the complex world of affiliate marketing. I have known of Mr. Glazer and his work for a number of years. It is for good reason that he enjoys a reputation for being an innovator and deep thinker in this space.  Most of us as online consumers are exposed many times a day to the front end of affiliate marketing campaigns, but I warrant that few of us understand it, and few of us know how best to use if to benefit our businesses. In the space of 250 well utilized pages, Mr. Glazer clears away the fog.

The subtitle of "Performance Partnerships" gives a good preview about the author's intent and structure for telling the affiliate marketing story: "The Checkered Past, Changing Present, & Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing." Through this book, his frequent speaking and blogging, and through the services of his firm, Acceleration Partners, Mr. Glazer is leading the way in establishing standards and best practices in an emerging and rapidly developing industry sorely in need of just this kind of structure and visionary leadership.

Whether you are an online marketing professional, a consumer of these services, or simply someone who wants and needs to understand this arcane world, this is a book that you will value.



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