Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Home" - A Novel by Harlan Coben - Myron Bolitar and Win Reunite

I have been on a bit of a Harlan Coben binge lately, catching up with some titles that had previously escaped my attention. "Home" is one of those novels. This is a spine tingling tale of two boys who were kidnapped, and Myron Bolitar's attempt to find them in concert with his sidekick, Win. The action pivots between London and New Jersey. The plot twists are complex - the kind that I have come to expect from a Coben novel. The denouement is surprising and heartbreaking

It is good to have Win back in the picture, after he disappeared for awhile. One of the boys has been spotted in London and rescued - or has he? What about the other boy who was kidnapped at the same time? Where is he? Can he be found alive? Win and Myron follow a lot of rabbit trails before they uncover the truth. Coben always finds a way to weave in compelling social themes. In this case, he examines the sordid underbelly of human trafficking.



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